Poppy Playtime Waterproof LED Touch Screen Watch Black Strap Black Dial



Q: I want a watch with a comfortable seat on it!

This strap is soft, breathable and comfortable to wear!

Q: I want a very personal watch!

Answer: this dial is very atmospheric, the appearance is very fashionable!

[material]: silicone watchband; metal bracelet decoration, creative hollow design

[Specification]: Dial diameter of 4.2 cm, thickness of 1.0 cm; strap width of 2 cm

[note] life waterproof function, wash water is no problem, but not washing or soaking Oh; watch strap length by the hand size design and production, are suitable for general wrist diameter (measured after the start of a table to the nearest pin hole distance 16.5cm, uncertainty can measure the wrist Pro Zhou Chango).

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